Dedicated to the Conservation and Protection of Elephants

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Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Unit

The late Rory Hensman learnt so much from observing wild elephants and living with tamed and trained elephants. His wish was that through education and knowledge of the wonders of this animal, we humans would be motivated to look after them.  As we head into a modern world where wildlife and humans compete for limited resources, knowledge and education are vital to the conservation of various species.

The Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Unit (RHCRU) is dedicated to the holistic and sustainable conservation of elephants and other wildlife in a modernizing Africa. We believe the best approach to conservation is to look at the bigger picture of conservation, and the positive and negative effects of conservation on rural communities and wildlife, finding win-win solutions for all by creative, “outside of the box” thinking.  Innovation at RHCRU is supported by collaboration with efforts in various academic and non-academic fields.  We focus on the preemptive approach to wildlife challenges and solutions that help to preserve the species before crisis point is reached, i.e. a fatal attack by poachers or as a result of human wildlife conflict situations, by promoting the value of elephants to human society, wildlife and wildlife systems.

We offer researchers the unique opportunity to study a herd of free-ranging and tamed elephants in South Africa.  We work with Adventures with Elephants thus providing researchers the chance to study a family of elephants either in their natural habitat out in the bush, or up close.  In addition to working with the elephants, researchers can study our land, flora, work with our community project, or test technologies on the property.


Conservation Starts with Understanding

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RHCRU aims to continue Rory’s vision by establishing an elephant education and research centre of excellence, that promotes the potential benefits of elephants to human society, wildlife, and conservation efforts.

Our goal is to secure a future for wildlife by identifying workable solutions to the issues facing both Wildlife and Conservationists in a modernising and overpopulating Africa.


We want to foster an environment of collaboration among experts, fuelled by the common passion to conserve wildlife. Our vision is to collaborate with individuals & organisations to conduct effective conservation and research projects on the ground, thereby holistically addressing the problems associated with having wildlife.



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