Help Us Give Conservation Wings

Due to poaching incidents in our area, funds were raised to purchase a refurbished Bat Hawk light surveillance aircraft. These are extensively used in Kruger National Park for anti-poaching. From the airstrip at Zebula Golf Estate & Spa it will assist in conservation efforts by conducting safety, security, anti-poaching patrols and reaction. The Bat Hawk will also assist with associated conservation work such as game counts, darting from the air and location of wounded animals for the wider Mabula area, some 50 000 km2.

The Bat Hawk comes from the chief pilot at the South African Wildlife College, who flies for Kruger National Park and trains pilots in anti-poaching and security. He will assist with training 3 local pilots so that the aircraft can always be up in the air when necessary.

You can donate to flying time for the Bat Hawk using the banking details below and reference below.


First National Bank

Branch: 250655

Account Number: 62594266861



Please email your proof of payment to Jenna at